Why in-house renewable power generation will save you money in 2024…

A word from our Managing Director…

2023 saw further consolidation for Boston Renewables as a developer and installer of solar PV arrays. Boston Renewables has a focus on supplying its services to the SME market and we are looking to expand our reach in this sector during 2024. 2023 saw a reduction in the installed cost of solar PV arrays by approximately 30%. An oversupply of solar PV panels was caused by the Chinese Government pulling away from its plans to install very large-scale solar plants. This led to a steady and sustained fall in equipment prices over the year, and we were able to pass significant savings to our customers.

2024 starts with what is widely considered to be a low point in hardware prices, and tremendous value exists for businesses wishing to invest in the self-generation of electricity from solar PV. Returns for those companies offsetting the import of grid-supplied power are typically IRO of 25%. This return is approximately double what it was during the years of subsidised solar. R&D investment in solar continues to be strong, and advances continue to be made that make solar arrays ever more financially attractive and durable in the long term.

Another positive step forward for self-generation is starting to unfold through export limitation. Distribution Network Operators are increasingly allowing larger systems to be connected with export limitations, and for industrial users of electricity, this is proving to be of enormous benefit.

Boston Renewables wishes to thank all those businesses that put their trust in us last year, and we look forward to expanding our client base and returning to existing clients over the coming year.


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We’re back at Driffield Show!

We are attending this year’s Driffield Show!

The Boston Renewables team will return to the showground this year on the 19th of July to share more about the benefits of renewable energy generation and Solar PV for businesses across all industries.

Project Manager Joel and Electrical Manager Mike will be there ready to answer any queries you may have about transitioning your business to renewable energy.

Solar PV is fast becoming the chosen solution for businesses across the UK to help save money on soaring electricity bills. Already this year we have installed nearly 6000 solar PV panels this year and helped our clients across the UK reduce their reliance on the National Grid.

Solar PV is low-cost to install and maintain; with no noise pollution or harmful emissions and potential profitability on excess electricity, it is clear to see why Solar PV is becoming incredibly popular among local businesses, especially across the agricultural sector.

Find out more about how we helped our clients across multiple sectors make the transition to renewable energy on our case studies page – or if you would like to know more about how we can help your business, come down to Driffield Show and speak to a member of our team! ?

Buy your tickets for the Driffield Show on their website!

Boston Renewables to showcase the possibilities of Solar PV at Driffield Show 2022

Boston Renewables are attending Driffield Show 2022 for it’s 10th year! Come and find us at stand G126 to talk about all things Solar PV!☀️

It’s that time again! We are pleased to announce that Boston Renewables are once again attending the annual Driffield Show.

Driffield Show, the biggest two-day agricultural event in the country, is back again this summer, after its triumphant return last year after the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Boston Renewables will take this opportunity to exhibit the possibilities of Solar PV and how we can make the transition to a low-carbon economy as painless as possible.

Solar PV is becoming a popular choice amongst commercial businesses, as not only does it mean less reliance on grid-supplied electricity but is also better for the environment – by generating your own electricity using a Solar PV installation you are saving money on electricity bills and (even better) you can sell your unused energy back to the National Grid, meaning even more profit for your business! Solar PV is low-cost to install and maintain and can last between 20 to 25 years with regular service and maintenance.

If you are attending Driffield Show, be sure to come along and say hello to our friendly team!

Or find out more about our Solar PV installations here!

Boston Renewables and HIT Energy Services join forces to promote solar power

Boston Renewables has teamed up with HIT Energy Services in a move aimed at helping more businesses make the most of solar.  Boston Renewables will be working in conjunction with HIT Energy Services in the development, delivery and ongoing maintenance of solar PV arrays.

From 1st June 2022, Boston renewables will be solely responsible for the development and delivery of new arrays and HIT will take on all monitoring, maintenance and repair work.

HIT brings to the table a unique solar monitoring system, HIT Energy Guard, that monitors and sends fault alerts from solar arrays. HIT has won many industry accolades, including LAMMA’s best innovation award for HIT Energy Guard.

Boston Renewables are delighted to have been able to partner up with HIT as it enables each company to specialise in its own areas of expertise.

John Hudson of Boston Renewables commented: ‘’Our two organisations share the common goal of wanting as many businesses as possible to benefit from all that solar PV has to offer. Electricity price inflation is causing chaos throughout the industry and solar PV provides the opportunity to generate power on-site for a fraction of the cost of grid-supplied electricity.’’

‘’HIT has developed a very cost-effective system to monitor solar arrays and our team of engineers have a vast knowledge in fault diagnosis and repair of solar PV systems,’’ said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services. ’’In addition, O&M is a critical part of the success of a solar development as unreported faults cause loss of revenue and valuable electricity production.’’

HIT and Boston believe there is strength in the union of development and O&M services. Both companies look forward to working together to provide the best and most economical service to clients old and new.

For all enquires for new solar PV arrays or extensions to existing arrays, please contact:


For all enquiries for monitoring, maintenance or repair services, please contact:


Solar PV – how does it work?

Solar PV, or Solar Photovoltaics, are used to convert light from the sun into electricity. Solar arrays can be mounted on either building roofs or on the ground. Solar systems are connected ‘behind the meter’. This means that any electricity generated by an array will satisfy any loads on a site before it exports back to the grid. The cost of solar-generated power is approximately 7-8p per kWh. With electricity costs typically in excess of 25p per kWh, there’s a generous saving to be made!

In addition to savings made from buying less electricity, power can also be exported to create additional revenue by selling your surplus energy back to the grid.

Solar arrays can be designed to any size. See an example of a large array, 5MW recently commissioned for the Hull Hospital’s NHS Teaching Trust and smaller arrays on our website here. On-site solar generation is becoming increasingly popular as it suits all types of businesses and locations.

But how does a Solar PV installation generate electricity in the first place, I hear you ask?

On a good day, the sun can send as much as 1,000 watts per square meter of energy down to earth – which then shines down on the cells of a PV installation. A PV installation is made up of multiple cells.

A Solar PV cell is made up of semi-conductive layers of material, which, using the energy from the sun, create an electric field and therefore a flow of energy that is converted and used in homes, and businesses.

As you can imagine, the brighter and more intense the energy source, the greater the flow of energy converted from it. This means that on a bright and sunny day, the electricity generated will be much more than if when it is a cloudy day – but Solar PV can still produce buckets of electricity even without direct sunlight – so bad weather might stop you from going to the beach, but it won’t stop the generation of renewable energy from your PV installation.

Did you know, the sun emits enough energy in one hour to power the world for one whole year? Think about that.

With energy prices on the rise, businesses are preparing to be hit hard by the over 50% price increase – Solar PV is proving itself to be the answer to a lot of prayers. It’s easy to install, cheap to maintain, and with our clients reporting up to 84% reduction in their grid-supplied electricity it has been proven to help commercial businesses save huge amounts of money on their electricity bills.

So why not get in touch? Book yourself a free survey with Boston Renewables, and let us take care of the rest. It’s time to start saving money on your electricity bills with the help of renewable energy.



Boston Renewables & Castle Hill

Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, COP26 President, and Humber University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust joined Boston Renewables at the new Castle Hill Solar Farm in Cottingham, as part of the MP’s visit to the region to view the progress of the Trust’s ‘Zero-Thirty’ plan.

The Humber University Teaching Hospital’s Trust is now well underway with its plan to achieve an ambitious target of becoming net-zero by 2030 – ten years ahead of the NHS’s current target of 2040.

Part of this plan included the installation of 11,000 solar panels next to Castle Hill Hospital, which was carried out by Boston Renewables over the course of six months.

The development covers 7.7 hectares, including access roads, on land south of Castle Road in Cottingham.

The solar farm has now been commissioned and will generate a total of 4,258,000 kWh annually, generating a third of the total energy requirements of Castle Hill Hospital, meeting all of its daytime requirements in the summer. This will be a huge step for the trust in reaching their target.

As well as the installation of solar PV, the Trust have also vowed to replace 20,000 lights with LED bulbs across Castle Hill Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary, cut energy use by 15%, and send no waste to landfills by 2025.

Managing Director John Hudson said, “Boston Renewables has been very proud to work on behalf of the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the delivery of such a prestigious development. We wish them every success in reaching their 2030 net-zero target.”

Boston Renewables is dedicated to providing commercial businesses with a cost-saving, safer, greener, and more secure energy supply through the use of renewable energy generation and storage. A complete service from planning, design, installation to the maintenance of Solar PV arrays, designed to help businesses reduce their reliance on grid-supplied electricity and save money – whilst also doing their bit for the environment.


A New Coalface For Agriculture

UK agriculture has forever been at the coalface of progress. It has led the world in technical innovation, quality and welfare and has an enviable reputation to prove it.

The news yesterday from Morrison’s Supermarkets that it will only source products from zero-carbon farms, marks another milestone in the evolution of food production.

So, whilst the target is an ambitious one, our farmers and growers will be up for the challenge.

Boston Renewables is up for the challenge too.  We have worked extensively throughout the agricultural and horticultural sectors to install solar pv arrays in every conceivable location. These arrays provide valuable green power to fuel food production. Our guys have worked through extreme wet, cold, hot and odorous conditions to deliver solar pv schemes designed specifically for each location. We are proud of what we do and prouder still of what our customers products for the country.

Decarbonising food production will be a massive task and it’s one to embraced by retailers, producers and renewable energy developers alike.

For more information on how Boston Renewables can help your business along the road to zero carbon, please get in touch.

Solar PV – Be proud, but don’t stop wiring up the Solar PV

The news here provides an opportunity for all those that have played a part in our country’s renewable energy revolution to be proud, very proud.

However, the message is clear: “annual investments [in renewables] must double by 2030 to tackle the climate change emergency.”

Opportunities for new wind and hydro generating stations in England are now precious few. The planning regime hinders most new wind developments and hydro occupies a niche for all but the fortunate few.

Solar PV on the other hand offers a simple, timely and super cost-effective method of increasing our country’s renewable electricity generation mass.

Whether it be on a roof, on the ground, self or third party funded, direct wired or sleeved there is a way for all businesses to join the renewable revolution.

Solar PV is good for the planet and even better for your bottom line.

Contact Boston Renewables to find out how we can help your business become leaner, greener and prouder of what it does and how it does it.

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