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We’re back at Driffield Show!

We are attending this year’s Driffield Show!

The Boston Renewables team will return to the showground this year on the 19th of July to share more about the benefits of renewable energy generation and Solar PV for businesses across all industries.

Project Manager Joel and Electrical Manager Mike will be there ready to answer any queries you may have about transitioning your business to renewable energy.

Solar PV is fast becoming the chosen solution for businesses across the UK to help save money on soaring electricity bills. Already this year we have installed nearly 6000 solar PV panels this year and helped our clients across the UK reduce their reliance on the National Grid.

Solar PV is low-cost to install and maintain; with no noise pollution or harmful emissions and potential profitability on excess electricity, it is clear to see why Solar PV is becoming incredibly popular among local businesses, especially across the agricultural sector.

Find out more about how we helped our clients across multiple sectors make the transition to renewable energy on our case studies page – or if you would like to know more about how we can help your business, come down to Driffield Show and speak to a member of our team! ?

Buy your tickets for the Driffield Show on their website!

Working in Renewable Energy: Rewards & Challenges with Joel Richardson, Boston Renewables’ Project Manager

Solar PV – how does it work?

Solar PV, or Solar Photovoltaics, are used to convert light from the sun into electricity. Solar arrays can be mounted on either building roofs or on the ground. Solar systems are connected ‘behind the meter’. This means that any electricity generated by an array will satisfy any loads on a site before it exports back to the grid. The cost of solar-generated power is approximately 7-8p per kWh. With electricity costs typically in excess of 25p per kWh, there’s a generous saving to be made!

In addition to savings made from buying less electricity, power can also be exported to create additional revenue by selling your surplus energy back to the grid.

Solar arrays can be designed to any size. See an example of a large array, 5MW recently commissioned for the Hull Hospital’s NHS Teaching Trust and smaller arrays on our website here. On-site solar generation is becoming increasingly popular as it suits all types of businesses and locations.

But how does a Solar PV installation generate electricity in the first place, I hear you ask?

On a good day, the sun can send as much as 1,000 watts per square meter of energy down to earth – which then shines down on the cells of a PV installation. A PV installation is made up of multiple cells.

A Solar PV cell is made up of semi-conductive layers of material, which, using the energy from the sun, create an electric field and therefore a flow of energy that is converted and used in homes, and businesses.

As you can imagine, the brighter and more intense the energy source, the greater the flow of energy converted from it. This means that on a bright and sunny day, the electricity generated will be much more than if when it is a cloudy day – but Solar PV can still produce buckets of electricity even without direct sunlight – so bad weather might stop you from going to the beach, but it won’t stop the generation of renewable energy from your PV installation.

Did you know, the sun emits enough energy in one hour to power the world for one whole year? Think about that.

With energy prices on the rise, businesses are preparing to be hit hard by the over 50% price increase – Solar PV is proving itself to be the answer to a lot of prayers. It’s easy to install, cheap to maintain, and with our clients reporting up to 84% reduction in their grid-supplied electricity it has been proven to help commercial businesses save huge amounts of money on their electricity bills.

So why not get in touch? Book yourself a free survey with Boston Renewables, and let us take care of the rest. It’s time to start saving money on your electricity bills with the help of renewable energy.



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