Ground Mounted Solar


As the world increasingly shifts towards renewable energy sources, ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have emerged as a leading technology for generating clean, sustainable electricity.

At Boston Renewables, we specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining these systems, helping our clients harness the sun’s power to meet their energy needs while reducing their carbon footprint.

Low levelized cost of energy

Optimise orientation for maximum yield

Flexible Scalability

Ease of Maintenance

What is Ground Mounted Solar PV?

Ground-mounted solar PV refers to solar panels installed on a steel framework; this framework can either be hydraulically driven into the ground, augured with dry mix concrete or ballasted. In the majority of circumstances ground mounted solar requires a local authority planning consent. Boston Renewables offers a full in-house planning service. Obtaining planning for solar arrays supporting businesses is not an onerous task, and we have achieved consent across a wide range of sites, including the Green Belt, National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and sites of ecological significance.

By investing in ground-mounted solar PV systems with Boston Renewables, business owners can benefit from increased, cheaper energy production without the limitations of roof space or shading issues.


Meet the Team

John Hudson

Founding Director

Joel Richardson

Contracts Manager

Lewis Toynton

Project Manager

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar PV

Optimise Sun Exposure

Ground-mounted systems can be strategically positioned to maximise sun exposure throughout the day, ensuring optimal energy production. We offer a full bespoke design service, including local authority planning, grid connection applications, site management, health & safety compliance and electrical test certificates (NICEIC)


Ground-mounted solar PV systems can be easily scaled to accommodate larger installations, making them ideal for commercial, industrial, and utility-scale projects. Whether you’re a business looking to offset energy costs or a utility seeking to expand renewable energy capacity, ground-mounted systems offer flexibility and scalability.

Maintenance Ready

Ground-mounted systems offer easy access for maintenance and cleaning. This accessibility reduces maintenance costs and ensures optimal performance over the system’s lifespan. Boston Renewables provides comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services to ensure your array operates at its peak performance and meets your insurers’ requirements.

Low-levelized cost of energy (LCOE)

LCOE is the cost of each unit of electricity generated over a period of time. The unit figure is calculated by dividing the electricity generated into the combined costs of initial cap ex and annual maintenance. Ground-mounted solar arrays have become much more economical to install over recent years. This, allied to optimum orientation for electrical yield, leads to LCOE’s typically in the region of 6-7p per kWh.

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