We offer comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services to keep your installations functioning at their best and satisfy your insurers. Annual inspections, performance checks, and electrical testing ensure optimal energy production and identify any issues before they become major problems. Our team is always ready to provide prompt support and assistance.


Our Maintenance Services

Annual Servicing

A scheduled visit once a year to re-commission your installation and advise on any repairs or updates that may be needed. Annual services are often required for insurance purposes.

Emergency Callout

We will respond to your call promptly and arrange repairs or replacement parts using existing warranties where possible.

Warranty Repair

If any part of your system develops a fault which is covered by a warranty, we will handle the claim for you.

Fault Diagnosis

The use of specialist equipment to identify panel hotspots, cable insulation failures, and other electrical faults.

Remote Monitoring

Web-based services alert you to faults as they happen, enabling you to arrange for timely repair.

Solar Panel Cleaning

The majority of solar PV arrays benefit from cleaning. The frequency of cleaning depends on the array’s location and the angle of the panels. We will arrange panel cleaning as required.

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