Roof Mounted Solar PV


At the forefront of renewable energy technology, Roof-Mounted Solar PV systems offer a sustainable and efficient way to power homes and businesses.

Our expert team at Boston Renewables specialise in designing, installing and maintaining roof-mounted Solar PV arrays, ensuring seamless integration and maximum energy output while keeping your energy bills low and safety paramount.

Space Saving

Minimal environmental Impact


Economic with high ROI's

What is Roof Mounted Solar PV?

Roof-mounted solar PV is the most cost-effective method of installing a solar PV array. Bespoke mounting systems are available for all commercial building roofs, whether trapezoidal steel, sinusoidal cement fibre, or flat roof membrane.

In most situations, planning consent is not required for roof-mounted solar. However, it is important to consider the structural stability of any roof before a solar installation. We will either work alongside your structural engineers or engage our own to establish the suitability of the proposed locations.

Roof-mounted solar PV is a popular option for all commercial sectors and businesses as it utilises existing space, is unobtrusive, does not require any additional land, and reduces carbon emissions, making it a sustainable and efficient energy solution.


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Benefits of Roof Mounted Solar PV

Customised Solutions

Boston Renewables specialises in tailoring Solar PV systems to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our expert team handles every aspect of the installation process, from initial design to final commissioning, ensuring seamless integration with your business.

Space Utilisation 

Roof-mounted Solar PV systems utilise existing rooftop space, making them ideal for businesses with limited land availability or urban locations where ground space is scarce. We offer a full bespoke design service and free site survey to make sure the space is just perfect for your business.


Roof-mounted Solar PV systems are generally considered less visually intrusive than ground-mounted arrays, making them a preferred option for businesses concerned about maintaining their property’s aesthetic appeal.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Roof-mounted installations typically have minimal environmental impact since they do not require land excavation or disruption of natural habitats. As part of our bespoke service, we can help you choose the best space to achieve optimal results with minimal environmental impact.


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