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Edward Baarda

Renewable Generation: 41,700 kWh

Reduction in grid-supplied electricity: 87%

Tonnes of CO2 saved: 14,500 kgs

Equipment Supplied: Solar PV

Edward Baarda Ltd is a privately owned horticultural business based at Elloughton, East Yorkshire. The company specialises in growing salad crops and produces in excess of 1.6 million kgs of tomatoes and 1.5 million cucumbers every year. Having succeeded in greatly reducing its use of fossil fuels in heating, attention turned to renewable electricity generation and in particular the need to satisfy a seasonal demand.


Client Comments

“Whilst our needs and desires to improve our green credentials and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels has been a key focus over recent years, we are also ever mindful of the financial strength of our business. Our new solar pv array will generate green power for just 1.6p per kWh. This is an 87% reduction on today’s open market value of electricity! Boston Renewables have done a great job for us and we’d have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.”

Andrew Baarda – MD