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Grotech Production Ltd

Grotech Production Ltd


Existing on-site use: 211,000kWh

Renewable Generation: 157kW Solar PV

Reduction in grid-supplied electricity: 72%

Tonnes of Co2 saved: 32,600kgs/yr


Grotech Production Ltd are contract manufacturers and packers of liquid, powder and granular chemical products to the agrochemical, horticultural and general chemical sectors.

They work with major multi-national companies alongside smaller independent firms, providing facilities, expertise, focused support and project management as required.


Client Comments

“Boston Renewables installed an array of solar panels at the end of 2023. They were professional and efficient, evening working outside of Grotech’s opening hours to catch up on work slowed by the winter weather. 

The work was explained in detail every step of the way, allowing us to continue working with minimal disruption.”