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St Quintin’s Creamery

St Quintin’s Creamery is part of a family run dairy farm based in Harpham, East Yorkshire. Milk is produced, processed and bottled on the premises to ensure the lowest possible food miles and highest quality. The creamery provides a variety of products to local businesses throughout Yorkshire.

As any dairy farm, the requirement for electricity is relatively high. The extra equipment and machinery in the creamery to keep areas chilled and allow processing of products consume large amounts of electricity and so looking to renewables was an obvious choice.

The client wanted to reduce their carbon footprint allowing additional marketing potential for their products as well as a valuable added income from the FIT.

A 50kW array was well sized for the available roof space on the farm buildings, Difficult weather conditions made for a tough installation week, but the system was fully commissioned on time and prior to the FIT cut-off date set by the government at the end of 2015.


Existing on site use: 80,000 kWh P/A

Renewable Generation: 46,000 kWh P/A

Reduction in grid supplied electricity: 43%

Tonnes of CO2 saved: 25T P/A


“This needed to be done to secure the future of milk processing on the farm. We looked at other ways of cutting costs but generating our own electricity from Solar PV was the obvious choice.”

Peter Burdass – Owner