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Victory Leisure Homes

Victory Leisure Homes manufacture luxury mobile homes from a site in Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire and their products are sold throughout the UK and continental Europe.

The manufacturing site has an annual demand for 485,000kWh of grid supplied electricity and roof space for in excess of 500kW of Solar PV. Solar PV alone was not the answer for supplying a year round source of renewable energy and so the challenge was to try and site a wind turbine, as well as solar, within a very constrained site.

As the goal was to supplement grid supplied electricity the decision was taken to size a solar array and wind turbine to match the site’s base load, rather than generate a surplus for export.

Following a lengthy site assessment and local authority planning process the issues of aviation radar, residential amenity and ecological constraint were overcome and a consent was granted for a turbine.

In November 2013 a 100kW solar array was commissioned and this was followed by an 80kW wind turbine in August 2014.

Existing on site use: 485,000 kWh P/A

Renewable Generation: 242,000 kWh P/A

Reduction in grid supplied electricity: 50%

Tonnes of CO2 saved: 140T P/A

“Boston Renewables opened our eyes at Victory Leisure Homes to the benefits of renewable energy generation and we have been delighted with the results from our solar pv and wind turbine installations.”

Peter Mackevych – Victory Leisure Homes