Our Approach

We firmly believe in the benefits of sound project planning and design. Renewable energy installations must be capable of delivering the levels of energy required to serve a business effectively, and this is only achievable through detailed site analysis and system design.

Our approach is to provide step-by-step service to achieve successful business development. We follow a six-step process and take care of the full design and installation process.




1. Free consultation & Advice

2. Grid connection & Structural survey

3. System design & pricing

4. Planning applications (when required)

5. Supply and installation

6. Maintenance

Our Approach

Free Consultation & Advice

  • Evaluation of customer’s needs
  • Electrical & Mechanical Surveys
  • Project feasibility study

Grid Connection & Structural Survey 

  • Application to Distribution Network Operator
  • Explanation of connection criteria
  • Acceptance of connection agreement
  • Instruct & manage structural and site investigation surveys

System Design & Pricing 

  • Bespoke electrical and mechanical design
  • Solar modelling & simulations
  • System output & financial performance data
  • Turn-key development quotation


John Hudson

Founding Director

Joel Richardson

Contracts Manager

Lewis Toynton

Project Manager

Planning Applications (when required)

  • Provision of layout & elevation plans
  • Compilation and submission of the planning application
  • Management of the planning process and discharge of conditions

Supply & Installation

  • Procurement of electrical & mechanical parts
  • Provision of all plant machinery and means of safe access
  • Submission of RAMS & Compliance with CDM regulations
  • Provision of installation labour & site management
  • System commissioning
  • Provision of electrical test certificate
  • System handover


  • Provision of remote system monitoring
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Callout service for fault finding and repair
  • Handling of warranty claims
  • Arrangement of Solar Panel cleaning


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