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Working in Renewable Energy: Rewards & Challenges with Joel Richardson, Boston Renewables' Project Manager

In our most recent Spotlight Article, we caught up with Project Manager Joel Richardson as he sheds light on the rewards and challenges of working in the renewable energy sector and his optimism for a greener future with the help of renewable energy generation.
1. Hi Joel! Let’s kick things off by asking what you like to do in your spare time outside of work.
I enjoy spending time with my family, my wife and two sons, Jacob, who is 2, and Finley, who is 5 months old. I also like to mountain bike, go to the gym, and watch movies.

2. Have you always wanted to work in Renewables? If so, how did you join the industry? What was your career leading up to joining Boston Renewables?

I started out as a tree surgeon, a job I did for 10 years. I then moved into the renewable industry as a wind turbine technician. I worked my way up through various roles before becoming a lead technician and then moved into an office-based role as the Operations and Maintenance manager. I did that for under 2 years before joining Boston Renewables as a Project Manager.

3. Why did you choose a career in the renewables industry, and what advice would you give someone looking to start a career in renewables?
Renewables wasn’t a career that was immediately on my radar, but it was something that I got into through a transfer of skills, namely working at heights. However, through working on wind turbines, as I learned more about the possibilities of renewable technologies and the importance of them looking to the future, it piqued my interest. And more recently, with my work on Solar PV, it is an industry I feel immensely proud to be a part of.

Experience has been key to my progression in my career and is something I would always recommend to someone looking to start out in theirs. Get to know the technologies and get hands-on experience with the systems and how they work and operate. That will always put you in a good position.

4. What is the most challenging about working in this industry?
For me, the challenge is to always stay at the forefront of technology progression. Things move so quickly in the renewable sector that we need to make sure we are always offering our clients the best solutions to suit their needs.

In terms of the industry, energy storage is a big challenge. People should be able to store the energy they produce through their solar panels to be used at a suitable time.

5. What is the most rewarding about working in renewable energy?
I think we should know that what we do really does make a difference, helping people reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.
I think that I am working towards a greener future for my children to grow up in.

6. What would you say to businesses investing in a renewable energy solution?
A renewable energy solution is a great addition to any business. With utility costs rising, it makes perfect sense to be able to produce your own clean, green energy. Solar PV is low-cost and low-maintenance, making it the ideal option with great returns on investment.

7. Lastly, tell us a little bit about what Boston Renewables has in store for 2022 (emphasis on the Castle Hill project)
We have a very busy outlook for 2022. With our 5MW Castle Hill project drawing to a successful conclusion, having helped Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust edge closer to its net-zero target, we now have several large projects in the pipeline.

Thanks, Joel! If you’d like to know more about our renewable energy installations, visit our services page!