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Pear Tree Farm

Customer:Pear Tree Farm
Existing on site use:40,000 kWh P/A
Renewable Generation:43,500 kWh P/A
Reduction in grid supplied electricity:50%
Tonnes of CO2 saved:24T P/A

Pear Tree Farm is a diversified livestock and arable farming business. Having once been a successful dairy farm, it is today home to Bricknell Holiday Cottages and the large animal grooming products business, Showtime.

As part of the diversification many of the agricultural buildings were refurbished and converted to commercial and residential use and heated with a substantial ground source heat pump. A year round supply of green electricity, delivered via a combination of wind and solar, would have been the ideal scenario to powering the new businesses. However the site’s proximity to other residential dwellings prevented the use of a wind turbine.

In May 2015 Boston Renewables installed a 50kW ground mounted solar pv array. The array will deliver over 43,000kWh of green energy to provide both a substantial saving on grid supplied electricity and valuable environmental credentials to the new enterprises at Pear Tree Farm.


The process of planning, installing and commissioning our solar project was seamless from start to finish. The initial discussions were professional and informed. The groundworks had to be carried out quickly and cleanly to minimise the disturbance to our holiday cottage guests and this was easily achieved by an expert team. A brilliant job throughout and I receieved all the help and advice I needed to understand the way the system operates.

Gerald Carter, Owner - Bricknell Cottages and Showtime Supplies