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Solar Carports for Businesses

With the ever-increasing adoption of solar technology and electric vehicles, your business could profit from the installation of a solar carport.

At Boston Renewables, we can provide a full installation and bespoke service of solar carports to business across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, and can offer ongoing maintenance to keep them running at full capacity.

What Are Solar Carports?

Solar Carports are a dual-purpose structure that provides shade and protection for vehicles on your site, as well as generating clean energy from the sun. The generated electricity be used to power your business and charge electric vehicles.

How Commercial Solar Carports Could Benefit Your Business

Installing commercial solar carports allows you to make the most of the site’s parking space and adds extra value for your employees and visitors.

The benefits of a solar carport installation include:

Making Use of Your Site’s Space

Not all businesses have the space for an array of solar PV installations. Solar Carports are an alternative method of installing solar PV when you do not have a suitable roof space or vacant land for a standard solar array.

Enhance Revenue Streams

For sites running a public car parking service, a Solar Carport can enhance revenue from premium rates for covered spaces and create additional income by letting space under the canopies to advertising media agencies.

Charge Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging also goes hand in hand with Solar Carports. There is an ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on the UK’s roads and the provision of charging points to visitors and staff, particularly when linked to solar generation, make a popular and increasingly necessary addition.

Reducing Your Business’s CO2 Output

Generating clean, renewable energy from solar carports allows you to reduce output from the national grid. Not only does this reduce your site’s carbon footprint, but it also means you can save generated energy and use it at peak times to avoid high tariff prices from the national grid.

Why Choose Boston Renewables?

As part of the Bostonair Group, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service and componentry at the right price. The level of detail that keeps aircrafts in the sky is embedded within the renewable’s development team.

We’re not tied to one manufacturer, and we only recommend solutions that are best suited to your business’s needs and energy requirements – allowing you to receive truly impartial advice.

Want to learn more about our commercial solar carport installations? Get in contact with our experts.

Browse Our Full Suite of Solar Solutions

Alongside Solar Carports, we’re also able to provide a full suite of low carbon solutions to businesses across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, including Solar PV Arrays and Solar Array Maintenance, Battery Storage, and EV Charger installation. We’re always happy to provide a bespoke solution tailored to specific business needs, so get in touch today and see how we can help you.