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Coletta and Tyson

Customer:Coletta & Tyson
Existing on site use:1,000,000 kWh P/A
Renewable Generation:184,000 kWh P/A
Reduction in grid supplied electricity:18%
Tonnes of CO2 saved:100T P/A

Coletta & Tyson is one of Europe’s largest independent specialist growers of ornamental plants. With nurseries covering over 400acres the company produces in excess of 100 million plants a year for the UK’s major multi site retailers.

In response to the company’s desire to significantly improve its sustainability criteria and reduce its energy overhead, Boston Renewables were asked to evaluate Coletta & Tyson’s largest nursery site for renewable energy development.

The Automated Bedding Unit at Cottingham uses over 1MW of grid supplied electricity every year and the brief was to supplement as much of this intake as possible with onsite microgeneration.

Ideally this site would have been best served by a combination of wind and solar generation. However, constraints around grid connection and residential amenity precluded the use of a wind turbine in this location and so a large solar pv array became the logical alternative.

The 200kW ground mounted array will generate circa 184,000kWh of green electricity every year and 100% of this energy will be used on site to power a ground source heat pump, lighting and automated plant handling equipment.


Boston Renewables were 1 of 3 companies we reviewed to handle our 200KVA Solar project. We quickly came to the conclusion that Boston Renewables were accurately advising on the best materials and design for our project.

From the start to the end of the project we were never once disrupted, we cannot fault their professional approach and excellent finish to the project. When the opportunity arises we will definitely use them again!

John Tyson - Director, Coletta and Tyson