Solar PV – Be proud, but don’t stop wiring up the Solar PV

9th April 2020

The news here provides an opportunity for all those that have played a part in our country’s renewable energy revolution to be proud, very proud.

However, the message is clear: “annual investments [in renewables] must double by 2030 to tackle the climate change emergency.”

Opportunities for new wind and hydro generating stations in England are now precious few. The planning regime hinders most new wind developments and hydro occupies a niche for all but the fortunate few.

Solar PV on the other hand offers a simple, timely and super cost-effective method of increasing our country’s renewable electricity generation mass.

Whether it be on a roof, on the ground, self or third party funded, direct wired or sleeved there is a way for all businesses to join the renewable revolution.

Solar PV is good for the planet and even better for your bottom line.

Contact Boston Renewables to find out how we can help your business become leaner, greener and prouder of what it does and how it does it.

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