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Solar PV - Be proud, but don’t stop wiring up the Solar PV

Solar Panels reflecting the sun

The recent news provides a moment of pride for everyone who has contributed to our country’s renewable energy revolution.

However, it comes with a crucial message: “Annual investments in renewables must double by 2030 to tackle the climate change emergency.”

Opportunities for new wind and hydro generating stations in England are now very limited. The planning regulations obstruct most new wind developments, and hydro remains a niche option for all but a few.

In contrast, Solar PV presents a straightforward, timely, and highly cost-effective method for increasing our country’s renewable electricity generation.

Whether it’s on a roof or the ground, self-funded or third-party funded, directly wired or sleeved, there are numerous ways for businesses to join the renewable revolution. Solar PV is beneficial for the planet and even more advantageous for your bottom line.

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