Spot the missing point!

18th November 2020

The Government’s 10 point plan for net zero transition, whilst laudable has one glaring omission; Solar PV, and it’s not mentioned because it needs no Government support to work!

Back in the mists of time, solar pv was heavily subsidised and it needed to be as capital costs were sky high and the value of the electricity it was offsetting was low.

It’s over ten years since the start of the Feed in Tariff subsidy programme for solar pv and in that time two key factors have changed:

  1. Grid supplied electricity has increased from circa 6p/kWh to circa 15p/kWh – a 150% increase.
  2. The capital cost of a typical 50kW solar pv array has fallen from 80k to 35k – a differential of 128%

The maths around solar pv today are not only simple, but very compelling. The lifetime cost of generating electricity from a 50kW solar pv array is sub 7p/kWh. So, generate the power yourself for 7p instead of buying it for 15p! In addition, onsite generation of electricity from solar pv has a meaningful and tangible carbon emission saving.

Boston Renewables offers a turnkey service for the design, installation and maintenance of solar pv arrays and solar carports. We are here to make the transition to net zero as painless as possible and we will only ever recommend what is best for our clients. See more at

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