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Boston Renewables and HIT Energy Services join forces to promote solar power

Boston Renewables has teamed up with HIT Energy Services to help more businesses make the most of solar energy. Boston Renewables will collaborate with HIT Energy Services in the development, delivery, and ongoing maintenance of solar PV arrays.

From 1 June 2022, Boston Renewables will be solely responsible for the development and delivery of new arrays, and HIT will take on all monitoring, maintenance, and repair work.

HIT offers a unique solar monitoring system, HIT Energy Guard, that monitors and sends fault alerts from solar arrays. HIT has won many industry accolades, including LAMMA’s Best Innovation award for HIT Energy Guard.

Boston Renewables are delighted to have been able to partner up with HIT as it enables each company to specialise in its own areas of expertise.

John Hudson of Boston Renewables commented: ‘’Our two organisations share the common goal of wanting as many businesses as possible to benefit from all that solar PV has to offer. Electricity price inflation is causing chaos throughout the industry, and solar PV provides the opportunity to generate power on-site for a fraction of the cost of grid-supplied electricity.’’

‘’HIT has developed a very cost-effective system to monitor solar arrays, and our team of engineers have a vast knowledge in fault diagnosis and repair of solar PV systems,’’ said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services. ’’In addition, O&M is a critical part of the success of a solar development as unreported faults cause loss of revenue and valuable electricity production.’’

HIT and Boston believe there is strength in combining development and O&M services. Both companies look forward to working together to provide the best and most economical service to clients old and new.

For all enquires for new solar PV arrays or extensions to existing arrays, please contact: Info@bostonrenewables.net

For all enquiries for monitoring, maintenance or repair services, please contact: info@hit-es.com