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Transition to a net zero carbon economy

In the week that Yorkshire Water’s first stage tender process closes for their rollout of 130MW of solar pv, BEIS and the Treasury are being urged to release the brakes on onshore renewable energy development.

Whilst our country’s transition to a net zero carbon economy is well under way, there’s much left to do.

Government subsidies for renewable energy development have successfully ‘primed the pump’, the rest is up to us.

Commenting in his company’s report on the potential for onshore renewable energy development, Thrive Renewables’ MD Matthew Clayton had this to say:

“We don’t need to reinvent the wheel or—in this case—the wind turbine and solar panel. UK renewables have enormous potential that can be unlocked fast. We already have what we need: abundant natural resources, proven technology, lowest-ever costs, and the right skills. We are calling on the UK Government to stimulate the green recovery and deliver real, immediate, and measurable impact on our economy.”

Succinct and to the point, Matthew Clayton’s statement says it all. The nub of the issue is that we just need to commission more renewable energy installations. Read more here

At Boston Renewables, we are right behind all net zero ambitions. It’s great that massive organisations such as Yorkshire Water are blazing the trail, they truly are leading from the front. However, we must not rest on our laurels and think all will be well because big business will carry the can for the rest of us. Every business on the land has the opportunity to improve its carbon footprint, and Boston Renewables are here to make solar PV development easy.

A solar PV array installed today will deliver a supply of green electricity for over 25 years at a 75% discount to the value of grid-supplied power. So it’s win-win for solar PV; go green and save a load of dough!

Contact Boston Renewables to learn how we can help you help yourself and the precious world we all live in.